The Paradox of Changing Oneself to Get Rid of Negative Traits

Something I needed to read today, I’m done analyzing and over-analyzing every word, every action and as you said exhausted but this whole thing about ‘who you want to be’ guess we need to keep asking ourselves that question continuously as we evolve in our journeys. Love the way it’s been penned down, definitely worth the read!!

Cristian Mihai

We think we are made of skin and flesh and muscle and bones, but that’s not true. We are made of stories, of hope, of dust and stardust, and it is in our nature to always tell stories.

Yes, you might not be a writer, you might not be a blogger, but you are telling yourself the story of who you are, and why you are who you are, and maybe, just maybe, the story of why someone like you has to be.

For example, I like to go to the gym. That’s not the issue. But I hate having to place all sorts of items in my backpack, walk to the gym, workout, go home, take a shower…

In other words, it’s the tasks that need to be done that kind of ruin my motivation. And it’s so in most other aspects: I like to write, but I hate…

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By Pradnya

I'm your pharmacist next door, a certified yoga instructor and a curious person in general and strongly believe in questioning everything!

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